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LORETO CONVENT Curriculum,Admission,Fees,Facilities And Location.

LORETO CONVENT Curriculum,Admission,Fees,Facilities And Location.

Loreto Convent Valley Road is located in Kilimani, Nairobi County. It is a Catholic primary and secondary school. The school has a vision to become an exemplary girls’ school in offering holistic education that is globally competitive. Their mission is to empower the girl child for global citizenship by providing her with education founded on justice, dignity, equality and respect for all. The school’s motto is “ All For The Greater Glory of God.”

Loreto Convent Valley Road was started in the year 1942 by the Loreto Sisters as a temporary public primary school to take in children who were too young to get admitted  into Loreto Convent Msongari. By the end of 1946, the school had grown so rapidly that it was decided that it be developed as a separate institution for both boys and girls.

Over the years, the Loreto Convent has expanded at the expense of the Loreto Community and generous contributions of each generation parents and well wishers.

In the year 1948, the secondary school was started as a single stream in the same premises with the primary school. In 1975, the lower primary school moved to its present site and was separated from the secondary school. The upper primary section was completed in the year 1984, giving rise to the existence of three sections of the school; Lower primary, Upper primary and Secondary school. The Lower primary and Upper primary were merged later on and they presently have one head. Both the primary and secondary sections are double streamed with a population of over 1000.

Loreto Convent Valley Road Secondary is a girls day secondary school located in Kilimani, Westlands Constituency, Nairobi County. The secondary school has a total enrollment of 271 students and a total teaching staff of 20. The secondary school is of private ownership.  Both the primary and secondary schools are run by religious organization.

The education offered in the school is based on the Kenyan 8.4.4 system of education. Other than the basic subjects offered in the Kenyan education systems, the school offers music classes where the students can learn to play the piano, guitar or the violin. The school also offers Home Science, Art and Design, French and Computer Studies.

Admission Process.

Annually, the form one student intake is advertised on the school’s website and on its social media pages.

The school has K.C.P.E cut off marks for all girls who wish to join the school in form one.

Admissions also take place at the beginning of each term depending on whether vacancies are available or not. The students will be required to take entrance tests which they must give good performances to be able to gain admission into the school.

K.C.S.E Results and Performance.

Loreto Convent Valley Road has performed averagely well over the years. In the top 100 Private schools in Kenya, Loreto qualifies for position 76 with a B- of 55.004.

In 2019, the candidates were able to acquire a mean grade of 7.0

School Fees.

The school’s fees are paid through the bank . The bank’s details are given to the parents of the students to be admitted.

Fees once paid to the school are not refundable.

Co-curricular Activities.

The school offers a number of co- curricular activities which the students can freely choose from. The school ensures all the students engage in fun activities to encourage social bonding and mental growth.

These activities include swimming, lawn tennis, volleyball, hockey, football, netball, basketball, handball and aerobics.

Many swimmers from Loreto Convent are selected to represent theNairobi Schools Team across the board in swimming competitions and gala. The winners are then awarded certificates and medalswhich some have used to earn admission and scholarships of various kinds including university education.

Other than sporting activities, the school also performs in drama activities where plays are also done.Talent shows are also carried out in the school annually.

School Facilities.

The ambience of the school is serene and the state of the heart facilities offer a conducive environment for the learning of the students.

The school has a standard, clean and well maintained swimming pool where the swimming classes are carried out for those who wish to develop their swimming skills and pursue swimming as a competitive sport. A swimming instructor is always present to attend to the students.

There is also the availability of a school transportsystem. The buses are used for the transportation of the students and the school staff as well whenever necessary. The school bus is operated by highly trained and committed bus drivers.Each bus has qualified assistants. There are also pre-trip- trip and post-trip inspections, emergency evacuation and first aid, support systems ensuring security for all occupants and Student Behaviour Management.

The school library at Loreto highly contributes to the success of its students. It is perfectly located such that it provides a quiet atmosphere for learning. The library’s contents comprises of all the subject text books, fiction books, periodicals, prospectus from different international universities both local and private, encyclopedias and dictionaries, K.C.S.E, K.C.P.Eand other internal exam past papers. The library has a total of 11,600 books and 100 periodicals.

There are also spiritual formation activities in the school. There is a chapel where there is Mass and Service every Friday morning before thecommencement of classes. There are also special occasions when Mass is celebratedby all students and the staff. These special occasions are like the Mary Ward Mass, Form 1 Welcome Mass and Form 4 Leavers’ Mass. The Catholic students have a continuous formation program which involve Catechism classes that lead to the First Holy Communion and Confirmation Sacraments. The students are also trained on how to serve during Masses as alter girls, choir members and animators.

There are three science laboratories in the school, one for Chemistry, another for Biology and the other for Physics. All the laboratories are fully equipped and professionally managed by the teachers of science and lab technicians.


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